Saturday, June 03, 2006

What we came home to....

We've been a bit preoccupied, thus the reason the rest of our trip highlights are not yet published within this blog!

We knew there would be work done on our property while away. We knew that the concrete pad for our little barn/shed might be poured, but we never expected the "work" before us while driving slowly down the road to our house when returning.

It's supposed to be a joyous thing to see a subtrade working - on time. However, pad poured - GREAT! Yes, rejoice!

But, the workers were ahead of schedule, to our delight as well as curse. (smile)

The electrical to the barn/shed was also installed (should we be clapping now?), and in order to accomplish that, the bricks on the driveway we were methodically raising and storing on pallets, were turned upside down and in piles. Some were broken, and gravel all around them. *sigh*

Okay - glee ! We're having a "barn raising" at our home, something like the Amish people do altogether. Instead, we have hired help also eager to complete the overhang on the front door area, mostly so the rain no longer leaks into the house. There will be pillars, one on each side eventually, and "gingerbread" woodwork in the upper corner. It will be lovely when complete, and the house will look less like a 'box' in its appearance then. Yes!

With everything proceeding much quicker than expected, all the bricks need to be removed by Monday, as the driveway will be formed and readied for concrete. Tonight after a marathon of work from all on deck, there are presently 14 pallets filled with 350 bricks far.

Since our driveway was graced with three various types of bricks, they have needed to be separated, leaving the red interlock ones still in need of removal. That will be next!

Some of the 14 pallets filled with bricks are here in the background

It was most interesting to guess, and then have evidence of the poor foundational preparation before the bricks were layed down as the driveway. There was a bit of rock at the end of the 'T' shape, mostly though, only dirt was underneath, and no sand in between the bricks themselves to seal them in place. After all is said and done, we need to pull weeds and deep rooted dandelions out.

What a job!

But! We will have our barn soon for all the junk in the garage, the dogs, the bunny, and the upstairs will have a loft for the kids to run around on a rainy day (when not full of the outdoor furniture and other assorted goods). Yippee!

Anyone want to buy some bricks to offset the cost of the concrete driveway pouring now?

On the bright side;

- The barn will be complete before too long. Trusses arrive Monday.

- The driveway won't spit mud at us anymore after a rain shower.

- The fence can be placed up for the doggie run soon after the barn is complete, then the puppies can run around and not be on their leads to get tangled up together.

- We came home to beauty in the gardens, lots of flowers are now in bloom. Can you tell they dug all through this flower bed to get to the electrical box though?

- Ahhhh, soon we will eventually welcome the lived in look, rather than constant workers roaming around, leaving areas of clean up for us to do.