Monday, June 12, 2006

They're heeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!!!!!

We've been invaded again, not by aliens though, rather subtrades ready to work, and parading about in the wee hours of the morning here. It would figure the weather isn't great today, not too warm, however for them I would imagine this is a good thing.

Here we go then...yippeeeeeeee!

The hubbub begins in the early morning hours

One of the workers who was here daily before completing the inside renovations is back once more, the children's very favorite. With an expression of surprise, they all heard the racket outside, peaked out the dining room window, noticing his vehicle in the driveway. In a flash, they scurried about getting dressed, then booted it out the door to greet him with enormous enthusiasm. The lucky fellow was thrilled with his morning greeting committee, then he was escorted into the garage immediately following for a show and tell, with all four of the children proudly filling him in on just how well the animals have grown. He has four children of his own and is VERY patient with our gang. So nice!

I knew this day would be different from our usual daily schedules, so I waited to see how the children would respond to everything. At the present moment, I found them all sitting on chairs inside of the mouth of the garage door opening, door open wide, a few school books on their laps, lapping up all the excitement before them. I doubt much school will be completed this morning, though the observations taking place directly before them will provide a great learning curve today. If they can remain out of the way, I suppose I will just allow them to be still and lurk away for a while.

Jim in the white hat, the children's favorite

The backhoe arrived and is proceeding with chopping up the sidewalk to match the edges of the new concrete bit of driveway we'll pour around the garage door area. He'll also carve out the driveway obviously, all of it from the garage to the road, as well as the sport court area on the side of the barn. There's much for him to do here.

Chunk of sidewalk removed from walkway

The men estimate after the driveway leveling is complete, we'll have three dump truck loads of soil to back fill the barn and driveway with, then more remaining for the yard somewhere I presume. Wow! I never realized the work involved with this new step.

Working on the barn, trusses go up today

The roof trusses on the barn are going up today, which also means the top floor will be moving right along. It's a loft as you can see in the pictures here, with a staircase eventually running up to it. Can you just see the great big grin on our faces?

Such a flurry of everything occuring here, our little Sh'nook puppy was so excited at all the activity in the yard, watching all the vehicles arrive and people moving about, that when placed out on her lead for time outside of her kennel, she yanked hard and pulled herself right off her collar, happily sprinting about towards Shasta on her own lead. Yikes! This is not a good thing for a siberian husky to do. They are nicknamed "heartbreakers" because they run away in an instant. With the sudden huge burst of screaming and yelling, I first thought someone was hurt out there, one of my kiddos to be exact. So when all was settled, my heart came back down from my throat again. I need to recover.

Mia mama is still in bed dozing in and out of dreamland, just really relaxing this morning. That's what a vacation is all about, and it's nice to see her so comfortable here.

The front porch should look marvy when the columns are up too today. We'll keep you posted on the rest of the day here later on.

Rob is peaking out from the top