Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day weekend, USA

Family celebrations on Cape Cod

Each year on the US Memorial Day long weekend, family and friends gather at Cape Cod to visit and give tribute to Doug, my sister's husband who died from esophageal cancer four years ago.

He loved lilac trees, so the fourth one was planted this year in their backyard to honor him. We are so pleased to be present this year and share in this time together. We sure miss him.

Our journey took us from Detroit to Boston's Logan airport, then down to Hyannis on Cape Cod itself. After a long delay in Detroit, one hour plus which was on the aircraft itself waiting for permission to take off, we landed safely amongst a lovely rain storm in Boston, complete with a lightning show, just like the one we landed in four years ago now.

Off to the Cape, we reunited with family for a "family only" dinner evening, then bunked up for the night. Talk about a huge pyjama party, that was us, all 14 of us!

The next day we pulled together to clean house and prepare the food fare for the day's events,. Many more people were arriving later in the afternoon to celebrate the long weekend with both the dinner and the tree planting ceremony. The weather was promising, then just after noon, the sun peaked out and roasted us all. Hats and glasses were a necessary thing.

For the next four days afterward, sightseeing, beaching and more visiting was on the menu. Never before have we been on so many historical tours, trolley rides and scenic (lost) routes, but all was well, and we enjoyed learning alot of history before our eyes at every place we visited.

Memories were made, tender moments shared, and next year is already being planned. So, until then...