Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Lonestar - North Star!

I adopted this tree! I call it "Lonestar" as you know because I blogged about it before.

There is a simple beauty about this tree, even though I've come to realize it's likely in a dead state, not having any new foliage or growth this spring yet. The field surrounding it also hasn't seen any crop growth yet, though I know it's recently been planted by the farmer.

When I'm traveling about and heading home, it stands tall and stately, almost ready to wave it's long limbs at me to say hello. It guides me to my street, my unpaved dirt road actually.

I can see this tree from my living room, and it constantly reminds me of its similarity to the North Star. It never changes, never moves and is always there to catch a glimpse of, in the day or night, but the most beautiful time is at sunset! Oh-la-la!!!