Saturday, June 24, 2006

Please take some tea with me....

Mary, Mary quite contrary,
how does your garden grow?

Please come for tea? We can relax sipping our herbal bliss tea, lounge on the back deck while basking in the sunshine, listen to the sweet sounds of the plethora of baby birdies all around, and tend to our mother culture of taking care of our own spirits. Does this sound like you? Then come!

You see, we have a little garden, and unbeknown to us when purchasing this house, the back pasture area we have now discovered, bursts with an abundance of gifts to satisfy any fresh fruit craving. We've been enjoying a marvelous strawberry patch, raspberry plants are almost to fruition, one blueberry plant looks quit healthy (yielding not much at this moment), then over the past few weeks, an abundance of white flowers has appeared, chamomile flowers to be exact.

I know, I know, how lovely they are right? Oh yes!

Simply gorgeous! Exquisitely appealing to the senses, I love to glance out the window to take a peak each day at them, then after a brief stroll outside, I also love to view them up close as well.

Field of dreams

However, I was thinking about what in the world I will do with so many. Tea, yes, come for tea! I understand this type of plant is likened to an herb plant, growing out of control if not kept a decent width, cut and tended to. I'm thinking I'll bring some indoors and place them into a few lovely vases here. I'll be meticulous with good timing to cut a bunch for drying and adding to the tea stash, but then what?

What would you do with all these lovely fleurs??? Do tell!