Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ironing skills come in handy.

Life Skills come in handy!

It’s the modern age, at least for the Girl Guide/Brownie ease of getting those well-earned badges onto their sashes! Not all badges offer the simplicity of using a hot steamy iron to secure them onto the member’s sash; however it sure makes life simpler when the young gals are able to participate in this endeavor. A few others still require various colors to match the badge, sewn into place with a needle and thread; however life has become so much easier with regards to this duty.

Now, if only the Boy Scouts would follow suit and offer iron on badges, I would have to hand sew less and allow them to assist in the responsibility of getting them onto their sashes and camp blankets too.

On another topic, Brownies were celebrating their own kind of Mardi Gras this week with mask making activities and lots of fun crafts. How do you like her mask?