Thursday, February 08, 2007

Through the eye of a painter....

As the days go by, our resident artist continues to enjoy cogs rolling for creating possible future works of art. As all our ceilings are nine feet high in this home, our walls look stark and bare in some spots, so he plans to gather and purchase those necessary supplies to use once his art easel is perched up in the window of the guest bedroom.

Driving to the city for specialist appointments often feels like it takes forever to arrive there. Our handy dandy DVD player on the vehicle's ceiling suffices when necessary, for viewing both educational or entertainment videos.

DVD player assist with longer drives.

While driving home from the city yesterday, my hubby grabbed my faithful digital camera and began to shoot photos from the eye of an artist, looking for the perfect scene to inspire him in getting his artistic endeavors off the ground again.

With the exception of a sudden darkened sky from a swift moving snow squall, we've had sunny skies all week long. This day was no exception, sunny and delightful, but cold as heck at -15 degrees all day long. No wind kicked up, so I can just imagine what it would feel like if it did.