Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on chess...

More on chess...

Since posting my last writing, our son was again inspired to proceed to the lego drawers, gather specific colored bricks to make thoughtful castle items for his "Castle" themed Lego Chess board.

Here's a zoom on the characters gracing this board.
I'm not sure which room this game will be set to play yet.

Who knows? Maybe we'll have one in every room to gather round and get some logical thinking modes into practise.


He stares at you,
Watching your every move.
Does he know?
He makes his move.
You breathe again,
Counting on logic,
You see it all come together.
Hoping that your accusations are true,
Calm and quiet, you make your move.
You take a deep breath,
Hoping the next game is as lucky as the last

Great work for the mind!