Monday, February 26, 2007

On a clear day...

On a lovely clear day, the wintry landscape is authentically exquisite, fresh and wonderful for our eyes to behold.

Passing by the beach several days ago, I was able to capture another photo of the icy build up against the shore, piles of icy formations creating hills and valleys. When the sun shines just right, light beams bounce from the crevices within the icy bumps, almost clear green in color, yet the waters just beyond are still a tropical blue.

This scene is appreciated by all the locals, more vehicles than usual are taking the "scenice route" these days, at least it feels like it when we take the route ourselves.

Soon after this picture was taken, we were the lucky recipients of another snow storm mixed with ice to make driving conditions very treacherous. It's terrific to have a heads-up for the worse days to come, allowing all to prepare with a grocery run, and the security of a good book for reading in front of the fireplace.