Thursday, February 22, 2007

Of Bishops, Rooks and Knights...

And, Kings, Queens and Pawns...

These are the familar terms used to identity chess pieces, each having a value for a point system in the game. Our own legoboy has been wonderfully creative these days, challenging all to a game of chess, playing on his original lego chess board with lego mini figures for pieces representing those Kings, Queens, Pawns, Bishops, Rooks and Knights.

It must be all in the "elbow" position.

The chess how to books are on the coffee table, other assorted chess game boards located here and there around the house, several in fact, ready to play at a moment's challenge.

Other game boards are set up and ready.

At the Cub winter camp, our son found out you can actually purchase a Lego chess set, as the one below, when a fellow camper brought his to play with and challenge the others to a game during their schedules.

This Lego set is sold as a kit for approximately 55.00.
Why not build your own from the Lego you

own (or Duplo) already and use your
imagination to springboard a whole new creation?

Knowing too his older brother had successful created several game board in the past, he was newly determined to produce his own fresh idea with playable characters to move around for the action of the game. Voila! He did a marvelous job!

An original Lego chess board made by Legoboy here.

Chess used to be in our home many years ago when the older children were involved with the school "chess club", working their way to that desired first place. One son was a chess champion, bringing home this trophy to prove it.

Anyway, back to the Lego creation hit this week, I've also posted several other ideas below we found on the internet after he made his own and was surprised to find more suggestions to create more chess boards with matching players. Get a load of the one with sharks and alligators looming within the game!

Viking game characters ready
to use for a chess game,
found on the internet as an extra
unique idea for the future.

Get your Lego out everyone, send us a picture of your own original creation and we'll post it here to get even more ideas flowing to assist others in making their own versions. In the meanwhile, enjoy the fun!