Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow, snow, snow

A neighbor's mailbox!

Of snowfalls and snow squalls, this area seems to have its fill of them this winter season. If we aren’t out driving when the severe weather battles the area with is aftermath, we’re happily inside seated around our gas fireplaces with our candles lit and either books in hand, music playing, school work being accomplished for the day, or hubby and children challenging one another to their new love of Yahtzee.

Apparently this winter season holds many records for viewing the mercury plummeting way down low on our thermometers for the longest period of time in a row here. Often the snow doesn’t melt before another snow storm hits, but I have to say it’s so beautiful to see a freshly sprinkled field each new day shortly before the sun crests and appears for the daytime hours.

Windy drifts gathering near the
fence before the hardest snowfalls.

With recent temperatures hovering around -25 degrees with wind chill factors down to -35 degrees in total, the air is freezing and nippy for sure, but the sun makes it so lovely. I met a woman this week in the grocery store sporting a lovely tan, and when the conversation ensued over where she had been, she remarked right here when she went outdoors for some cross country skiing!

Trampoline for a midget? Lots of snow!

It was almost eerie though to travel down the roads, seeing the freshly ploughed snow on the siding eye level, at least five feet high in many places.

Snow along roadsides was over
five feet in height, or more.

As well, there was so much wind blowing the falling powder last week, we had four to five feet up against our fence, and every hour the back doors had to be checked for snow gathering up against the doorways.

Checking doorways every few hours.

It was important to take the dogs inside on a few days to keep them safely indoors, however our husky buried herself in a nice snow cave a few times and thoroughly enjoyed herself in it.

Blowing snow is the worst, notice the ripples here.

The snowsqualls and blowing wind are the most hazardous, surely you've heard all over the news how upper New York had snow squalls hitting hard with an accumulation of up to 11 feet of snow recently.

And the sun always shines here!
Hubby poses just down the road for me.

A neighbor enjoys roaming our front yard
with his skidoo after yesterday's fresh new snow fall.