Thursday, June 28, 2007

And...the rain came tumbling down...

Wild and Wet!

It’s been some time since we’ve been to the waterslides. A water park is a spectacular and all encompassing day’s worth of amusement for the entire family, one daytrip outing we attempted each summer for several years at one time. However, it’s been quite a while and I was trying to think just how long it’s really been, and five years came to mind.

Waterslide fun!

Currently we're participating in the soccer season with our fellow homeschooling families here, we were inundated with personal invitations to ensure we were in the loop with the happenings of the end of year waterslide day set aside for our group. With a wondrous special group rate, a perfect sunny day and four enthusiastic children, it wasn’t going to be missed this year for sure. Off we went yesterday morning, freshly baked muffins and fruit in the cooler with our drinks, knapsacks and other such things tagging along.

Pool fun while taking a break from sliding.

The day was brilliantly bright, hotter than all get out; humidity was high leaving anyone not dipping in the water drenched with perspiration. The entrance fee included mini golfing as often as one wished for, and all other activities on the grounds except laser tag, bowling, and rock climbing. Those were extra fees, but our older son opted to get a game of laser tag in with a friend after they swam for many hours.

Mini golfing was enjoyed many times over.

This was a first year all our enthusiastic children had friends aplenty partaking in the fun ahead, and off they went giggling with excitement. I drifted about chatting with many of the mothers present, until I couldn’t stand the heat any longer and happily succumbed to the pools for some time.

Bumper cars.
This daughter has a wee passenger on hers.

We had a great day! We had hoped for the bulk of the day until dinnertime for our fun, but as predicted (when are the weather stations exactly accurate?); the thunder began rolling in slowly but surely, lightning, and rain to follow. Odd winds began to thrust upon us for very short periods of time, making all realize this was not going to be a small storm to hang around and wait out.

The storm was drifting towards us.

Soon the waterslides and all water activity areas surrounding them were closed, and we made the executive decision to begin packing up for the day. In hindsight, it’s a good thing we did. With smiles on our faces the entire drive towards home, we noted the falling rain accumulate and dump on us! YES! We needed it! The lightning continued for several hours, our electrical power went on and off, and scary funnel clouds appeared down the road. Oh dear!

Rain! YES!

The forecast details sun and heat to continue for another 14 days, one small 30% chance of rain in between it all. Today, it’s glorious outside again, so lovely I think I’ll head to the front porch with my coffee and keep my hubby company now.

Hope your day is great too!