Sunday, June 24, 2007

Play Ball!

Play Ball!

A few neighbors joined our gang for a pizza fun night, all pitching in for food, drinks and munchies. Hubby and I thought this was a great idea!

While chomping down their chow, all decided on a game of baseball in our own field, perfect for playing a great game with bases on the ground for easy stealing.

Play Ball!

Build it and they will come….”Field of Dreams film”

We never had to “build it”, for it was already here, and much better and larger than any ballpark around the country area we reside within.

The air was steamy warm, sunshine beating down on them all, but only as youth can, they pitched and played until another game was decided upon – California kickball! Did I mention the heat overhead?

Field of our own backyard!

Trampoline fun came next, a comedy movie with plenty of chuckles, and then all ended with a wild game of “Pictionary” which none of the guests had played before.

What fun!