Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yard work, Grass cutting, Birds, Oh My!

Yard work, Grass cutting, Birds, Oh My!

It’s inevitable - grass grows in finer weather.

When one has three acres of the stuff, it’s a never ending journey into the deep abyss of cutting, trimming, weeding, and sweating! Find the water bottles, hats and sunscreen, for the mission will last a while this day...

Well dear, the front yard is done, who's on the back?

Trimmer in training.
Note the protective gear he donned.
Remind you of someone else in years past?

The temperatures have soared this past two weeks, with only one small rain shower before the sun crept back out of the clouds later the same day. Two days of intense and high humidity kept most folks (even the local golfers) indoors pining for air conditioning and cold showers. The impact of the humidity forced thermometers to highs of 46 degrees, sweltering heat, and uncomfortable outdoor possibilities. For those with lung issues, these were not the finest of the week, however a lovely breezy wind began yesterday morning and the day was glorious all day long, sunset viewing and outdoor cookout on the back deck the order of the evening.

Weeds, weeds, weeds

With today’s inaugural celebration of summer beginnings on the calendar, it would be our hope each day could remain as great as yesterday. After a labour intensive team effort in property maintenance, there was a time to create joy and laughter.

Time to get the rest of their energy
out while dinner is cooking.

The sprinkler and trampoline were the setting for such a time, and all took some part in getting wet and cooling off.

Add a sprinkler and anything is possible!

Guess who the brave one ended up being?

Yes, we all love those sunsets with front row seats on our back deck, and the calm it provides at the end of the day taking in the full-length feature before us. The skies couldn’t be more beautiful, blasts of colorful hues lighting up the final moments before the curtain draws for another day.

Today's forecast = looks great for a repeat.

About our birding, viewing the photos in this writing will show our feeders in action, our books on the current reading list for all..

Tea for the birds?
Our youngest daughter made this feeder at Brownies.

Teens are walking and riding mowers in the background.

Last dog stroll for the evening

Birding books