Monday, June 18, 2007

Continued learning...

It should not come as a surprise to know even adults keep learning and pushing their brain muscle to their potentials.

All kidding aside, I had not written for a bit because I traveled to attend an education convention, taking courses and perusing through hundreds of vendor’s tables of curricula offerings.

This short trip took me to Lansing, Michiganwhere the Lansing Convention Center was the venue for my destination for two days.

Posing with the capital building in the
background and the convention center
to the right (below)

Lansing is the capital city for the state of Michigan, still a sleepy little town filled with road construction, detours, and one-way streets during our visit. Once checked into the hotel near the convention center, this is where I remained planted with the only exception being a walking tour around the capital buildings and downtown core the day we arrived.

The Capital Buildings

Sharp Shooters Memorial Monument

War Memorial Monument

I thought of my friend Sylvia who is from this city, but moved to the northwest after she was married awhile.

I met some lovely people and the biggest surprise of all was coming face to face with three longtime email loop friends, whom I have emailed to for years, spoken to at length on the telephone but never actually met. These were great moments when realizing we “knew” one another, otherwise the mode for the day was know no one, focus on your mission, learn well, get energized and motivated, buy what you need and seize the time to refresh schooling ideas for next year’s curricula syllabus. I even purchased a few talks on tape, motivation over the summer months to come.

Short, but sweet!