Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You know it's HOT when....

You know it's HOT when....

Whoever coined the famous phrase;

“Lazy days of Summer

obviously lived over in the east!

Our summer began with a bang, watching the red on the thermometer rise higher and higher to double digit numbers within the thirty degree Celsius levels, early summer season extraordinary temperatures, high enough to make even a sun-lover weary by nightfall. The locals tell us we've been lucky experiencing only three higher humidity days so far, so in all honestly, the weather has been like a tropical oasis, sending us all happily into the new summer season.

Tempting water's edge!

Ahhh, cooling off!

Water play has been huge recently.

We’ve been loving the fabulous brighter days, enjoying the summer sun shining upon us, and offering this season’s early greetings. The nightsky has been a rich black velvety blanket of shiny twinkling stars amidst a silvery glowing moon, lighting our way outdoors. It's been light out until almost eleven at night. However today is day 14 of this dry spell and thoughts of concern are showing on the farmer’s faces about now.

Laundry hung outdoors is dry in record time.

(This clothesline is filled with hockey
jerseys from a deep garage cleaning)

There is strong evidence we are expecting a thunder/lightning storm tomorrow, hopefully some rain will fall. At last count, we have one young maple tree dead in the front, two more dying near its locale, and we’re concerned enough about the four new Siberian spruces and one large Norwegian spruce in the front seemingly a bit shocked with the intensity of the heat, not having the extra nightly moisture for their roots to keep moist and supple by day. Early morning rising has been mandatory to perform the watering tasks necessary before the heat of the day. Coffee on the front or back porch accompanies the watering duties, something akin to "bonding" hours.

Invited for a swim many times from several folks.

With the high readings on the thermometer, drifting thoughts of the water’s edge is extremely tempting, already we've made several visist there this past week, and yesterday we were invited to another homeschooling family’s home for a swim.

Friend's family pet loves the warmth.

  • You know the weather is hot and dry when the swimming host family's pet lizard comes outdoors to play with the children, clinging onto it’s owner quite well to create little gasps aloud from the children present.

  • You know it’s hot when the grass has already become crunchy and is on its way to a yellow hue.

  • You know it’s hot when the dogs don’t want to take a walk after 9am anymore, so the earlier the better now.
  • You know it's hot when both dogs are enjoying their swimming pool refills of colder water, staying a long while and parading under the spraying hose water while doing so.

  • You know it’s hot when our daughter becomes concerned and leery of the neighbor’s timing for her horse riding if it turns out to be the afternoon.
  • You know it's hot when there's a complaint about late dinner hour horse riding lessons after a toasty afternoon. They want to go, but it's TOO hot to wear helmets, pants and get on a sweaty horse!

  • You know it’s hot when the neighbor had a problem with his pool liner and he’s not been able to swim in it, let alone us to cool off a bit and he apologizes for it (smile).
  • You know it's hot when a local church changes it's welcome sign to advertise it has air conditioning inside.
  • You know it's hot when you're invited out to lunch and secretly you wonder if the restaurant has air conditioning.

  • You know it’s hot when I had to cancel the older two’s golf lesson today, just over the top HOT and the radio announcer has indicated an alert for those in the sun, a burn likely within ten minutes!

  • You know it’s hot when you hang a load of laundry on the clothesline and it’s dry within a half hour!

  • You know it’s hot when you’re outdoors for a few minutes and your face is soaking wet with perspiration and fool yourself into thinking you've been working really, really hard to obtain it. laugh

  • You know it’s hot when two showers a day / per person becomes the norm.
  • You know it's hot when the shower doesn't seem cold and fresh enough to assist in cooling you down!
  • You know it's hot when your water bottle becomes a mini shower option over a head of hair.

  • You know it’s hot when the weather forecaster announces the humidex (temperature plus humidity factors combined) reading is over 46 degrees C on the thermometer and climbing, and we woke up this morning at 6am to 93 degrees. So soon?

Yes, this is a HOT day folks, almost too hot to be comfortable outdoors. We are lucky though, only three days so far like this, so that's not too bad. The air conditioner is making the house quite comfortable. What did we ever do without it?

Now for a little rain tomorrow, that would be nice, but thunder and lightning aren’t a pleasant thought as we will be meeting the homeschooling group at the waterslides for the day. You can’t win them all I suppose…we need rain, at least for a bit and then the sun can radiate it’s heat onto us again afterwards.

You know it's hot when the water's edge is tempting every evening, if only to dip our feet into while watching the sun descending to bid us goodnight!

Whew - Water's edge and sunsets!

Last night it was still over eighty degrees outside by 11pm.