Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Autumn Inspired!

Autumn Inspired!

As the season progresses, and those entire seasonal expectations advance towards the dead of winter, we have truly been blessed with an incredible late summer, in fall!

A few rainy days have filled our grassy fields on our property. The outdoor (and indoor) greens have thirsted mightily in recent weeks hoping for the wet stuff to pour down.

Using last Sunday for instance on the more typical late summer weather experienced here, we arrived home from church, not only all wilted from the heat outdoors, but the thermometer inside gave a clear indication of temperatures also soaring and just shy of eighty degrees. On went the air conditioning system to cool everyone off.

Two weeks ago, a technician visited our home to perform a yearly inspection and tune-up so all would be ready for the winter season and colder weather ahead. I thought the appointed day obtained was going to be too late in the season, not wishing to turn on the furnace before it was all cleaned out and ready to go, but all my concerns quickly escaped me. As the date on the calendar drew near and our weather held on, I was so pleased not having to gag on that first of the season smelly furnace vent poof of air up our nostrils.

As thoughts usually turn towards shifting the heat upward on the indoor thermostat control, here we have had just the opposite without having to kick on the furnace at all yet to date. It’s not been necessary to raise the temperatures, a little odd considering it’s almost November.

Instead of fall colors, we're still green here!

Last year we noted the trees surrounding our home, their colorful hues painting a typical canvas of fall palette colors. This year, there is a little color about on deciduous tree leaves nearby, but for the most part, either leaves have blown off the trees with wind storms, or are still mostly green in color from the extra wonderful weather. However, if we were to take a drive a few hours eastward where the hilly regions offer a colder climate at higher elevations, leaves there are certainly lovely during this same time period and many travel companies are offering tours to view the fall colors gracing those hills.

Thoughts of duties associated with being a “keeper of our home” have turned my head towards soon implementing warmer and heartier food fare, meals that stick to the ribs; things like stews, soups and baked items are going to soon become more of a family meal standard. That is, when the temperatures begin to plummet more, as my hubby has been using his beloved barbeque often with the high temperatures. (It is here I’ll admit; Even though it was a tradition for us, it was not very ideal to cook a large turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving when the heat outdoors registered ninety degrees on the thermometer. We had to turn off the air conditioning to complete the task! Gasp!)

Confused squirrels are sure winter is approaching...or is it?

With each new day, we wonder how long this lovely weather will last. It's just so very wonderful to soak up more rays of the warm sun, taking a moment or two to suck back more outdoor air. It's becoming a little crisper the odd morning or late evening when darkness appears, but only a few of those days have been at hand. There have been a few nights where we've turned the air conditioning unit on inside the house again, mostly so we were more comfortable while sleeping. Our overhead fans we installed in each bedroom owe us nothing, they're all on all day long still! Amazing but oh so lovely!

Speaking of fall, have you visited a pumpkin farm yet and taken home a few pumpkins to cook, or decorate? This is a special tradition in our family, to buy pumpkins and cook (and freeze) many pumpkin pies! How nutritious is that? One pie per person for dinner! Try it sometime! It's so yummy...and the kids will think you've lost your marbles for sure!

About the pumpkin patch expedition; we are heading there this Sunday afternoon as a family fun time to a local farm referred to us by many people. This local pumpkin farm serves the community well, also offers logic skills of entering and exiting a huge corn maze, and other assorted fun things for the children to do. Since we’ve always followed the weather ahead of time for this activity, we are usually lucky with sunshine, even if it’s very cold out. This has always been a heartwarming and memorable activity for our family, and it was great to hear our son and his family continued on with it this year already themselves.

Family Traditions!
Our favorite pumpkin farm in the west...

Until the icy white glassy shine appears outdoors, one thing is for certain. We don’t have to wait for the cold air to rosy up our cheeks, we can pretend its winter already! Lest you think I”ve totally lost my marbles, let me just say, Starbucks has their pumpkin spice latte drinks out in full force, and soon (very soon) those yummy peppermint mocha hot drinks will appear. If you are not coffee minded, why not head out to your favorite location and grab a steamy cup of foamed milk with a touch of flavor added, no caffeine involved but a dreamy sleep will result. Add some ambiance to the room while sipping by lighting either a pumpkin or cranberry scented candle, beautiful music to top off the whole mood thing, and sip on your drink, recounting all the many blessings you have been given in your life!


  • May you find something special to celebrate Autumn and become inspired each day until the end of the season.
  • May you never take for granted those who love you, and reciprocate that love.
  • May you be blessed with the colors of the season, the rainbow of hope offered to all of us each day by simply gazing out the window or taking a drive to witness it outdoors.
  • May you find reason to bless another with something of autumn; corn on the cob for dinner, scents and aromas to remind you of this time of year, press a few colorful leaves, collect nuts on the ground before the squirrels clear them away, keep the feed out for the birds, hit a pumpkin patch (and bring along the camera!), and pray for others less fortunate than yourself.

  • May you find time to sip a hot cuppa and fill your tummy with warmth and goodness, again, blessing you abundantly with simple pleasures.