Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy children!

Just a quick couple of posts today, mostly to share and note the happy expressions on the face of these two children below. Both were lucky recipients of clothing items on recent shopping excursions, and both are pleased as punch with their new duds.

Our youngest daughter wasn't expecting to have this princess dress below, we actually stumbled upon it after a recent drive up the our nearest Costco some one hour away. She kept thinking about it all through the store, not begging for it which is a good thing around here for non-essential items (wink). Being the time of year it is and the costumes readily available, I was surprised and pleased to find this was a selection she preferred over other items hanging on the hooks surrounding it. How could I resist though? Tell me, does she not look just lovely in this dress, showing off the sleeve endings on her hands for all to note here. smile She begs to wear this each day, and when the house reached temperatures yesterday of 78 degrees inside, it was funny to see her hoist up the bottom hoop on the dress to head up a flight of stairs, showing her pink/orange and green striped socks and bare legs as a surprise under this full length dress.

The Princess

This son desperately needed a few new clothing items once fall returned and the temperatures began to plummet, growing all too tall over the summer and looking as though he entered a flood zone with pants way too short! As it is our tradition to have a date once in a while with one child at a time, he and I headed off alone together to the local shopping center in search of possibilities for his wardrobe needs. He was fun to shop with, excited over choosing his own items this day and chose well for the most part. He decided upon several bold colored clothing items such as the ones shown below; bright orange socks to match the bright orange (hockey) hoodie, also thrilled with his army play pants. The bright orange coloring captured his attention the most, so he has other items at his disposal to add to them. Fun!

Sunshine boy!

This mother admits up front it became most gratifying to shop with children who were happy to please, and completing the task in record time (not like taking the teens out for the same purpose). All are happy, and mother is very happy this detail is now done.