Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Birthday

Happy Birthday time again!

(She wants everyone to notice the hair cut)

Our daughter’s birthday fell within a few days after our friends were to leave, so we opted to celebrate it with her pal here instead, both families sharing cake too. Yum! Another local friend joined in the fun and off they went for a game of ten-pin bowling.

First attempt at ten-pin bowling!

Ten pin bowling was a new experience and the fun part was reminiscing about the Nintendo Wii bowling enjoyed by all not too long ago when our son was here with visiting with us.

The local friend decided to see if the bowling leg curl our son was known for would become advantageous for her to use during the birthday bowling match.

Imagine the thrill when she enjoyed a strike gaining a few points overall! It worked for her!

First the girls had to choose their bowling balls for the duration of the games, using it solely for each throw.

Secondly, they played two games, challenging one another to various forms of positioning for throwing the ball, having a blast together to make for a fun birthday event.

When at home afterwards, out came the birthday cake enjoyed by all, our backwards dinner evening to have dessert first and dinner later on. Strange, but true!

Oh Happy Birthday to you from all of us!

When our company left town early Saturday morning, off we went to keep up with the birthday breakfast tradition of mom and dad alone with the birthday person. She chose her daily fare of French toast and bacon, with an orange juice.

Just me and my dad!

Today though was the actual birthday on the calendar, and today the family enjoyed a day at the fall fair in the bright, HOT sunshine!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!