Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morning "brain food" surprise

Brain Food

...on an Autumn morning

It was a big surprise for them, smack in the middle of a school morning’s session.

Our former neighbor Betty used to set out what they termed “brain food”, her special "Betty cookies" for our older ones, on the days they sat in their home individually while taking schooling tests under supervision. The term “brain food” sticks to date, only the children who are still in school are the younger ones.

Every once in a while, trays of real brain food appear, you know, veggies and dip, bowls of sliced apples, cheese, crackers and a plop of peanut butter for them to slide their apples around in.

Yesterday however, something different happened in the center of the morning, unlike mother to offer such fine “brain food” at that time of day. When the glint of surprise shined in their eyes betraying their excitement about the fine offering, I could tell it was going to be a hit! In fact, I had surprises lined up all day long for the bunch - dessert first, supper at lunch, and then breakfast at supper (French toast!). What they never knew initially (and neither did we) was that their parents had plans to hit a cheap Tuesday movie night, and certainly swapping the meals around had advantages to slipping out early and having the kitchen all tidy first. Wink

They were all ready to grab one..

Whimsical and fancy cupcakes can thrill any child, but adults as well. When my hubby saw them all lined up on the buffet near my autumn d├ęcor, he reserved the one he wanted before the children had a choice. Yes, this was a hit!

Every once in a while, it is fun to set out on purpose to shake things up and see what happens. Fun!