Saturday, October 27, 2007

Camp Day!

Camp day!

It is my own personal opinion; every mother (or father) who attends a child’s day long group activity should gain a badge, one mentioning “survivor”….

Today, I survived another fall Brownie camp, not overnight as there were too many mother/daughter teams signing up this time round and we were late getting our registration forms in, thus only a day long (which is quite fine with me, it’s a L-O-N-G day!). Up early, I was as other mothers were, tired before I arrived. (snicker)

Only three cases of Girl Guide cookies left.

(This is my (leader) friend Kim and her daughter with ours)

First though, it began with the Girl Guide cookie blitz the past two weeks, where each girl was responsible to see one case of cookies. The cookies this time were the chocolate mint ones, and of course, the teens in this home assist greatly in the purchasing of the individual boxes. Add a few of their friends for a visit, no problem at all. So, two days ago, these were the only remaining boxes of cookies left from our group’s sixty case sale expectations. These girls were ready for camp, and they earned it well!

Driving to camp was something else, not just for the duration of it, but what a lovely drive! As we neared the Guide camp, it became evident my drive turned into one of those “in search of autumn” findings with visual delights in abundance. The leaves on the trees were incredible, and beneath them lay a colorful autumn carpet underlay.

It seems a bit of a cliché mentioning the very word “survival”, as the mothers were summoned and then rallied into the kitchen together shortly after my arrival, where word leaked out about the sighting of a cougar nearby in the local town.

We were about to gather the girls and head off for a long hike, and another again later on, so the need to be extra careful and vigilant was necessary, walking sticks and whistles for the moms came were mandatory. Not far off, a cub scouting camp was also in session, leaving many people notified, and all appreciating the heads-up.

It was here at the Brownie camp where autumn was visible, beautiful, and wonderful. All the mothers took moments to snap photos, many collecting the colorful leaves to take home.

As usual the leaders worked like busy bees organizing a fun, fun, fun camp. The food fare at these camps is terrific, and my work duties were just fine, keeping me busy when my hands needed something to do. A friend was ill and could not attend with her daughter, so she became mine for the day. I took over her appointed tasks as well, which kept me busy and out of mischief.

The making of an organic
bird feeder!

Cut a pumpkin in half, scoop out the gunk!

Two holes were drilled on either side,
a stick threaded between the two.

Nailing the string holder to the bottom

Filled with bird seed and all ready to
be hung outside on a hanger in the garden.

Between the hikes, crafts, singing and group sessions, games, meals, hikes, and attempted campfire (which did not work out in the end when it poured on us) were just grand. The chalet was toasty warm, and at least it was not icy like last year at the same venue. No one would guess there were 39 people in attendance!

After a very long day, I am once again within my nice comfy home. I am happy to report there was no encounter with a cougar, no sighting of one, and none from the Scouting camp either. Being from B.C., cougars were always a possibility as well as bears. Last year at the camp, it was wolves, but I never knew that until the week after the camp…

So, until spring camp, and I end up in a tent again amidst a bunch of non-stop chatty mothers and daughters who take the time to make memories for their daughters, I will dream of my day today…smile. I also have homework to do, three more badges to get onto my daughter's sash for Thursday night's meeting.

Three more badges awarded ...