Friday, October 26, 2007

You gotta make it happen!

The practice of dating, even after a couple is married.

For us, it has been “LONG AFTER” we were married, more than thirty years in fact, however we still place a weekly date at the top of our priority list as a couple.

We bid the sun good day last night
while driving on a wee time limited date.

It may be a date only consisting of simple pleasures, something like sitting on a park bench and taking in a lovely day.

It may be an impromptu breakfast together, each sharing a piece of the morning newspaper.

It may be sitting on the back deck and warning the troops inside to create a time of peace for us to “visit” in our own home together.

It may be summer cheap Tuesday matinĂ©e moments, nothing at all but chance time spent with one another, long drives to doctor appointments together, watching the sun set at the local beach, a great barbecue dinner courtesy of hubby’s chef talents, or even just chatting while running errands.

Take a Frisbee or a ball glove and get outdoors if you have to, just make it happen on a regular basis!

Perhaps the choice is a dessert and coffee, something like we did last night (and the newspaper).

Starbucks decaf House blend and a
volcano chocolate (carmel filled) cake yummers.

Whatever the decision, whatever the day holds, time well spent with one another as a couple will count toward the future when the children have left the home at their appointed times.

When our wee time was over, we
followed a full moon home.

If a moonlit night falls upon you day after day, and there hasn't been any "couple" time, you're walking a thin line.

Our advice to you - Life is too short - You gotta just go ahead and make it happen!