Friday, October 12, 2007

He Shoots! He Scores!!!!

Another hockey opportunity knocked,
together they answered the call...

They're off!

Well, wonder of wonders today when it was time to take off for another sport the gang will all take part in, all except for one that is – our youngest daughter.

Our homeschooling support group has been instrumental in gathering eager ice hockey fans to play together with a few eager fathers heading up the fun, mostly with a bunch of pretty good hockey players, all gathering together for winter homeschool hockey Fridays. It's at the local arena where all are in motion performing ice hockey skills and drills, followed by a great scrimmage for all. Everyone returned home after the first day today buzzed, beaming and joyful over the results of a great sport activity. Their flaming red cheeks and happy chatting were a testimony to a blessed day for all.

At long last, we had enough hockey gear laying around for three of our gang to play all together, even one of our daughters who was pleased as punch to get out there with the other six gals and fellow summer soccer players, to skate today. She was thrilled to have on full gear for the first time, though she felt like a walking Frankenstein (!). Not having been on ice-skates for a while never proved to be the ultimate challenge she was expecting, so all was well here afterwards.

Mishmash or not, she was
going to have fun today!

(Notice the cool stick tape she had to have...)

What a pleasure to become involved in a great cardio experience for our gang with a bunch of other nice like-minded kids!

When the opportunity presented itself for me, I was able to scribble down on a piece of scrap paper those activities our children were currently involved in, and those coming to a close at the end of this month. It wasn’t much of a surprise to see our older son at home was all hockey, hockey and more hockey. How the initial “hockey fever” from years ago with the older siblings HAS NOT yet worn off, rather it’s gaining popularity with yet another Friday night gathering of a fun sports court league in our own yard tonight as I type this up! Yes, folks, we have approximately 14 eager hockey players outside in our midst, loving this thing called hockey!

Photo with "the hockey LOOK"!

What I know for sure is my three will sleep so very well tonight….for sure! They loved their afternoon hockey, worked hard and had fun!

Now, on the court outside our home, they are running and playing hard again, having fun and loving every second of it! The stats are being accumulated and assembled for the rest of the hockey season, (the hockey season our son and his friend concocted) on our court, so we’ll keep you posted on the results as time rolls on. (big grin)

With the second new steel commercial hockey net we purchased two weeks ago and assembled, we no longer worry about hockey nets zooming across the court on a windy day, toppling over or whisking up and over the fencing during high winds. These particular nets (Costco purchases) are incredibly strong and come with their own goalie attachments for ease of play and less players necessary to make up a game for a competitive sporting event.

We are now the proud owners of two of these nets this year.

Didn’t I tell you a sports court was an incredible and most valuable asset for young kids who need to vent out their passion for sports, and play hard to keep up those cardiovascular necessities for a healthy lifestyle? Hate to say I told ya so but what a great, great investment to date!

A substitute works hard here tonight

He Shoots! He scores!