Friday, October 26, 2007

The Chicago mandate!

The Chicago mandate!

When our friends Jim & Diane came to visit this past August, Diane gave the children a weekly mandate, a “weekly (Wednesday) mandate” in fact, stating to the children every Wednesday, they must ask their dad: “When are we going to Chicago?”

Chicago is on our minds as we wait to travel there soon for another medical visit for my hubby. Our friends live nearby and would like us to visit them again, this time bringing along the children and taking the train to the Navy Pier, visit famous museums and perhaps if we're really lucky, take in a Chicago NHL hockey game. Now, ears did perk up mightily when the latter was mentioned, and over the course of the next few weeks, we will know when the mandate will become a reality.

It has been fun to collect the mail and find weekly reminders there from the souvenir postcards sent to each of the children reminding them of their mandate.

The souvenir postcards are enticing us!

It’s also been fun to have the history of the postcard photo noted from Diane each week to keep (me!) everyone so excited about the mail! Laugh

Well Diane! What joy you have brought to this family with your sweet messages, the anticipated daily mail collection, and the welcomed invitation to travel and spend more time with folks like you. You are very special people. Thank you for being in our lives!