Friday, November 16, 2007

Another deja vu!

Newspapers anyone?

Eager to find a method to obtain pocket money and assist with some of his additional expenses from landing onto a traveling hockey team, a local newspaper route landed into this son’s hands this week. We are not new to newspaper delivery responsibilities, mostly as our family has been involved in this type of endeavor over the years already with the older children. There were routes consisting of 225 newspapers to get out the door during the weeks, and often I remember having to haul them into the vehicle for assisting in inclement weather.

When we heard friends were moving, we wondered who took over their son’s paper route. Apparently no one still has to date, and one thing led to another. Confirmation came by way of a telephone call this week to confirm our son was indeed the new deliverer, and he was offered a second route, adding a few more papers for a combined total of only 57 papers in a country (walking) setting.

Stacks of bundled newspapers land at the end of our driveway six days a week now, and there are additional extra flyer bundles twice each week to include in the daily afternoon deliveries. With Christmas coming soon, the abundance of catalogs and extra advertising becomes a heavy bulk to carry, so the helper must also use a newspaper bag with reflectors sewn on for visual safety along the way.

There are three “bandwagon members” wanting to get into the act with him, so imagine if they all went out together, a little parade walking down the road with their bundled and bagged newspapers. Instead, he takes one helper at a time, and alternates them day by day. Oh let’s hope this enthusiasm stays for a while now, especially with the snowy winter season fast approaching. We’ll see…