Friday, November 16, 2007

Fresh from the oven...

The colder weather is creeping in, and supposedly the temperatures are going to plummet down to zero tonight. Snow squall warnings are in affect; those scary storms where you cannot even see the hand in front of your own face.

As we slip into warmer clothing, turn the thermometer on the furnace up a wee bit more on colder days, and cuddle up closely to the fire stoking in the fireplace, creativity abounds inside the home with surprises galore taking place.

As hubby and I took a moment to grab a fresh cup of java together in the library in the afternoon, our daughter decided making an aromatic batch of sugar cookies was in good order to accompany our hot steamy brews.

We wondered what was up, as this is not a normal thing here for a fresh batch of cookies to enter the oven without being provoked to do so, therefore it was a pleasant surprise to find the end result benefiting the whole family in a special way. I suppose with Advent briskly approaching, we should get those cookie dough batters in the freezer once more for times such as this when the mood for baking surfaces.

Ah, I do believe it is also time for making gingerbread fellows, snowman friends, and other such wintry pals.