Monday, November 12, 2007

Hanging out at Hockey

Hockey Fever continues...
Hockey is in full weekly sessions as mentioned before here, for three of our gang playing on the homeschool hockey league teams.

Yes, the season runs until late March or early April, and the "learning", "skills", and "game play" are becoming more routine for all the players, melding together to form the necessary team mentality for successful ice play.

The volunteer fathers are on the ice with the two teams, working them for the afternoon and having a great time alongside of the young, energetic bunch they've assembled to date. It's an afternoon all here look forward to, the anticipation is high, and the morning ever-so-productive, knowing the van will be leaving the driveway at 12:30 with or without all present. :-) It's a bit of a trek to the arena, but once there, the sportsmanship levels intensify instantly as the players gather, and change in the dressing rooms for the play ahead. It is clearly visible for all to see the love of the sport and great thrill for all involved.

His team plays first, a Canuck fan to the end!

In action!

Two weeks ago, excitement reigned as hockey on ice became a footwork drill, without sticks and no hands allowed. Clever!

No one could kick the ball initially without falling down, so true concentration was a must.

Little sister was taking photos this day, through the plexiglass, though not often successfully. Here are a few photos through the lens of an eight year old's photography initiative below.

I'm wondering if "someone" out west will
recognize this "Superseries #10" jersey??

In fact, all three of our children favor the number ten for some strange reason. Maybe that's because all the jerseys at home have their surname and that number on them??

Clever use of footwork

Well, I hope you enjoyed an eight year old's photos? Just think if she hadn't taken the photos, then we would have none to share with you all.