Friday, November 09, 2007

Offer; One Hamster named Fudgy

Want a hamster?

Well! It seems the novelty of having this critter has worn a wee bit thin, and mother dear is very tired of having to change the hamster cage when his bit of smell drives us to plug our noses as we mosey through the laundry room on the way into the house (at times, not always).

"Offer; One hamster named Fudgy" - was the ad placed out in the community last week, both the homeschooling community, and by mouth locally. So far, there are no takers. Soon though, this little critter needs to have a new home where he will be continously loved and not just when he doesn't stink up the house! I shall retract for a second by saying he is loved here, just that our family is too busy to offer him the type of love he should have. He is now chomping on the bars everyday, hoping to get out and escape as he did once before. Running all around the floors in the house inside of his ball just isn't sufficing anymore either. Oh, what to do!

I know! I need to contact a few of the local elementary schools to see if a teacher would like our nocturnal fluff ball for her children in the classroom. He is easily observed through the clear tubing, and comes to greet anyone at the cage door when he hears noise nearby or smells food.


But, he's so cute!