Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cooking classes

Cooking 101

This is the third installment of our "Monday morning session" learning experiences. Two of the children are taking a cooking course together for one of the Monday morning sessions.

Cooking is fun they both say and here is a quick blip from them to share their experiences with you…

Each week we cook a lunch, or a dinner, with dessert.

Our teacher splits the class in two groups. Each group makes something different. We have to wear an apron, wash our hands before working, tie our hair up too so no hair gets in our food (like the first week - icky).

The first week we learned about kitchen tools, things like utensils, measuring cups and spoons, and more. She gave us a grocery list of items to bring the next week.

The second week the first group made pancake triangles, and the other group made orange sherbet drinks.

The third week we made chicken fingers and the second group made fresh homemade fries.

The fourth week we made sloppy joes, the second group made fresh buns to pour it on to eat.

The fifth week we made egg omelets with onions, and ham inside, and the second group made an apple and potato bake to eat with it.

Last week, we made stuffed burritos with mushrooms, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, meat, and the other group made a green salad with diced chicken in it. We made punch to drink with this meal.

They both say they love to cook and collect their recipes used each week, promising to cook for the family here at home in the future. Personally, I feel this is a great “chef’s school”, and can only benefit them over time to get more and more comfortable in the kitchen.

Afterall, it's not only cooking they are learning about, after the meal making comes the clean up too! New kitchen chores have been assigned based on "experiences" with cleaning up this fall in these classes.