Monday, November 12, 2007

That time of year....

Rainy Days

From the latter below by the day's end.

We heard the west was inundated with a strong storm throughout the day today, the power out over much of the coastal regions and throughout the Fraser Valley, so here's a photo to show you, such a thing pays us a visit as well.

Take heart, as it can occur anywhere...

This photo was taken on our way home from a road trip last week. The sun was shining so lovely and bright, when we began noticing the cloud formations blending together into one big, stormy, gloomy and eerie looking blur. Yikes! Within moments of taking this photo below, darkness quickly fell upon us, and rain fell, hitting all below in its wake.

Rain, rain, go away!

One thing to remember on such dark dull days, is whenever the storm passes, the sun will shine and there will always be a rainbow to remind us of the beauty the skies can behold at any given time aside from it all.

Which side is the pot of gold on?
(photo by anonymous photographer)