Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just me and my sister!

Just me and my sister!

The ocean - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The lack of posting has been largely due to the fact I've been out of town celebrating American Thanksgiving with my sister (my only sister in fact) in Cape Cod, MA.

We were attempting to recall the last time we shared time alone together, just the two of us, no kids, no husbands, and very quickly came to an easy conclusion, we haven't since we were children still living with mom and dad. Fast forward forty years, and here we are!

Happy American Thanksgiving 2007

When the invitation came during a telephone call from my sister, and my husband deciding it was a great idea for me to have the vacation break, I will admit it's been an adjustment for me, to spend one week away from my children and husband on a vacation - on purpose, but a pleasant one for sure. Thanksgiving to us is still the Canadian celebration occuring the second week of October, so it wasn't a bad time for me to leave home. Seemingly, the time has just zoomed forward, as the conclusion of our time together looms ahead.


What do two sisters do together for an entire week?

Stay tuned, you're going to find out before long.