Tuesday, October 26, 2010

autumn sure passes quickly...

Autumn is quickly coming to a close.
Out with the colorful palette of lovely, and into more of the duller prelude to winter landscapes.

~ The most colorful of outdoor items beyond the sill and pane of my back windows seems to be these two very fun garden scarecrows, the ones I was able to pick up this year at our local dollar store.

Yep, dollar store!

I figured even if (for some reason) I only got one year out of them, that's quite alright.

~ It took over three weeks to fully appreciate the final budding coming to fruition for these mum flowers I planted in my two concrete garden containers at the front of our property.

At long last, we had pretty and dark autumn colored red florals out front, such lovely added color for really enhancing the growing blah-ness of the landscape.

~ As these have continued to blossom and bloom since they first budded, I so very much enjoy gazing outdoors to spot them resting there, like they are teasing and winking at me to appreciate them even more day to day.

But, just as soon as these dark red beauties did "pop" out of their buds, they've offered total a wonderful color infusion, that is until - the wind storms began late last week, the leaves were tousled and began to pour similarly with the rains, down to the ground, and there they have remained while dying off and turning browner every moment of the day.

~ Very shortly after the wind storms, white frosty and very cold snow blanketed the earth here, and with those sloppy falling wet flakes, more leaves were lost resulting in an exhibition of supreme thinning in the denseness of our surrounding forest.

~ Chipmunks, squirrels and many other assorted forest friend have been scurrying about, dashing all around while having to dive frequently for safety, as blue jays squawk, tattling their whereabouts to the low flying hawks, and other assorted birds of prey swooping down to dine on and gobble them up.

So, while shaking my head in disbelief, may I humbly ask;
Where, oh where did our autumn go?

It sure is beginning to look like the initial stages of a dormant winter time in to our midst.

~ We're expecting a huge storm here overnight, one of supreme wind proportions via the midwest from earlier today. Extreme winds and a tornado warning in the news media makes me wonder which season our property will resemble more by morning - the final end days of autumn or stark contrasts of winter ushered inward?

~ Luckily, with a little child manpower today, all the rest of the outdoor furniture, hockey nets, garden hoses, flower pots, wicket baskets and doggie toys are now inside.

Honestly, there can't be much left out there to blow around tonight. A good thing.

In this photo below, I noticed this unique splash of color and felt a bit sad, almost disturbed.

I already miss the beauty of this short season, swiftly whisking by and almost gone already.


... Enjoy what's left everyone!