Thursday, October 07, 2010

October; cozy corners in our home

~ Take out the autumn decor and let's think FALL colors!

Oh yes, that warm glow abounds about now inside of our home with orangey leaves about on rails, wreaths on the doors, live mums gracing tables, many candles sprinkled about to lit for ambiance and that charming feeling to assist in glowing moments of forced hushed tones.

We have acquired no pumpkins just yet, though I did note children from a local farm selling their gardening harvest goods from a stand near the roadway which isn't too far away.

The first fire of the season with a great new Canadian magazine recently discovered.

We still have no idea whatsoever what exact type of fireplace this one is! It's very obviously a gas fireplace for sure which pumps on and off with the use of a thermostat to keep it set at a specific temperature, and it's just so stately looking with the rock surround. When those flames fire up, one can't help melt into our seats and drift away into a type of reading blissdom.

It's time to put the gardens to bed for winter, something I spent a large portion of early last week completing.

As I snipped and trimmed back the spring foliage, I decided to bring in some of the petal power florals from the front beds. I know these are a type of hydrogea bush, but it seems to be very long skinny stems (upward to five feet tall) for the most part, with very heavy flowers quickly taking form to dip to the ground. I'd love to know more about this one because I think it may require a trellis to be braced against.

Anyone know?

Fall is for cuddling up with a good book (or several), a warm blanket, and a bowl of plain ole popcorn (hold the butter and salt!).

When mom says; "it's time for math fact work", then, no problem, simply bring along the math shark (a math drill helper we purchased almost two years ago now) to join this young gal in her selected chosen and oh so cozy spot, then continue cuddling up back underneath the warm woolen blanket to get the day's drill assignment complete.

Fall is for the continuation of a new schooling year when sitting around mom's preference of tables rules!

And what a lovely rule it is when we all get to keep our eyes on the view out back on the property and catch glimpses of these flowers in the heart and center of our open concept type of kitchen.

More photos to come over time....

Meanwhile, how about you?

Are you in autumn-mode yet?

Does its sheer beauty surround you, and if not, why not think about just one thing you can do today to feel its presence in your midst and be inspired by the love of this wonderful season.