Saturday, October 23, 2010

birthday girl celebrations

Eighteen candles rested atop this birthday cake.

Birthday plans were made well in advance. Somehow we ourselves had managed to travel to these two gals homes for their birthdays this year, making a road trip event for it to be possible each time.

In return, they made promises to travel here for our daughter's birthday, a weekend where dreams were shared, memories made, and forever bestie friendships cemented deeper.

The ice cream birthday cake request was fulfilled, though decorated in an unusual way, but oh so perfect for what had transpired here shortly before this day.

One of our daughter's friends had a photo assignment in her photography class, and our daughter posed for her with the colorful autumn leaves around her. The teacher chose the actual one to further enhance via photoshop programming, and when I saw this cake, I knew it had to be for her. She loved it!

(Thanks Kara for the great photography to spur on the cake idea. :)

Yes, the girls arrived safely thanks to one of my friends (one of the girl's mothers), and the reunion began with all so happy to be here.

One gal was so sweet and thoughtful when she handed me a container with homemade chocolate chip cookies for us (she knows they are our very favorite).

The other sweet gal could not stop giving hugs to all of us, taking her photo with everyone, and both were so happy and eager to share in their time together.

Decorating the kitchen became quite something, so many streamers from cupboards to central lighting fixture, around posts at the breakfast bar, around table legs and around the doorway.

Three girls, the three amigos had our youngest daughter play photographer out yonder, taking full advantage of the colorful autumn background of our property forest.

Meanwhile, a few friends arrived for a bonfire cookout, birthday cake, soccer matches, Wii game challenges, guitar singsong around the fire, and glow in the dark creations.

What fun when offering all here these glow in the dark thingies.

It was something else to watch them become quite creative, making headbands, bracelets and all sorts of interesting shapes for their return into the darkness for their continued bonfire gathering.

The weekend was full of celebration, filled with exuberance, plenty of hearty laughter and very tired girls by the end who were to have their road trip return back home again.

Happy Birthday to our daughter, and you two lovely gals come back to visit again anytime....