Monday, October 11, 2010

October; garden center sales

A garden center is a great outing during seasonal changes, especially during spring and fall.

There is always so much variety and terrific photo opportunities, never failing to offer its customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Unique creations greeted us down the main aisles of the garden center, and what fun it was to realize how each was assembled. This one above was called the "Garden Fairy", and one of my favorites.

I noticed their concrete garden accessories, always hoping some day to acquire a perfect few for my garden alcoves, but these ones seemed to have a special outer coating on them, so naturally my first thought was they were plastic and not concrete.

What a surprise to wiggle this St. Francis statue just a little to find it surprisingly very heavy, made of concrete to be sure. He would be perfect in my birding area, just that the fee for this one was just a tad under three hundred dollars. Whew, maybe they'll have an even more discounted sale one day because I would love to have him, such a tall statue too!

Speaking of sales, we were visiting to take advantage of a spectacular one featuring indoor and outdoor flowering mums.

I suppose I really did purchase a buggy full, but what a steal for so many at a fraction of the regular pricing. And such vivid colors against the natural backdrop of our home and forest, so I'm thrilled I bought them all.

I had great fun watching the faces of the children each time we came upon a new figurine during our shopping time here. Even if we purchased nothing, this is a great place to meander about and ponder the new season in our midst.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends this weekend. May your pumpkin pie be scrumptious, but most of all, may you be ever thankful to count all of your blessings and hold your loved ones dear.