Monday, October 04, 2010

Photo collages and frames

Free photos are always a pleasure to acquire.

And collage photo possibilities keep me excited.

This batch are the newest selections for our "sports room" family hall of sports wall hangings, the only thing is the company made them in 4x6 instead of 8x10 to insert into the frames awaiting their arrival.

They arrived alright - free, due to the store's promotion (ie; error). Not to worry, I can always find a spot for these elsewhere until such a time as the others arrive.

And what's a new bunch of photo frames without treasures inside of them to evoke memories from the past?

Or keeping loved ones near and dear.

Aha, my new acquisition of square metal frames, and a pearly pretty one, are all decked out and ready for our bedroom night tables.

A newly purchased fall scented candle adds to the rest, just perfect for me.