Sunday, October 31, 2010

little traditional reminders

With personalized artistic design ideas nearby, our two youngest were eager to begin carving up the two larger pumpkins on hand.
First things first...
... fetching the icy cold ones from the front porch, the two that have offered a bit of autumn decor with dollar store accessories beneath them for even more added color.

Next up...
...someone has to do this, and this year it wasn't going to be me! :)

As the work continued...
... and as we had enjoyed seeing other carvings around cyberworld over the course of the week, I threw the acceptable (I thought) query out there... and this little conversation ensued;

Mom; "Do you want to change things up a bit this year and find some of those great patterns online to try?"

Kids; "No, (they said in shocked unison), we want only handmade, you know, like we always do.

Mom; "Well having a pattern is only an idea, what you do with it becomes handmade...

Kids; "No mom, we want our usual family tradition of only carving our special faces we've drawn out to use.

Mom; "Okay then"; I said with a huge grin on my face, "Let's just stick with tradition!" :)

Normally within that "family tradition", these two usually produce ultra happy-faced drawings and carved pumpkins galore.

This year their drawings differed with little artistic changes.

I laughed at our daughter's for a second when comparing the photo of her in carving action, tongue sticking out just like her drawing.

What they discovered by the end of the activity was just how difficult "carving" really is, how to improvise, how to perfect their technique and allow for error control, like tongue, tooth and inner eyeball preferences for optimal results.

Back outside perched atop the ledge on front porch, they are ready for the candle glowing ceremony.

A little scarier than in the past, but no matter what - they are absolutely "homemade".