Tuesday, December 14, 2010

falling snow and ferocious snow squalls

In the news today...

...they're calling it the worst snow storm in 25 years to hit southern Ontario.

An average nightly snow fall this past week...

Not only did it hit the southern end, it also roared up along the shores of Lake Huron, around the bend, returning south again from Georgian Bay towards Toronto.

We have personally had at least six inches or much more of falling snow for ten days now. Each day, the shovels are out, and the snow blower is blazing new trails.

Snow flying up and back into his face
made him feel like a popsicle very quickly!

(He was almost finished here, both snow laps and frozen to the core.)

Yesterday, the predicted and dreaded snow squalls hit hard around our former home, trapping many folks along the sides of the roadways, on freeways, and even in ditches for over 24 hours.

We found ourselves offering prayer for these folks, and it soon became a little personal when we got word early this morning a family friend was involved, and felt a bit of relief when the military from Base Trenton began to move in and assist all those involved - all well over 300 of the vehicles and semi trailer rigs!

We woke last night to the sounds of these same 90 km/hr winds slamming at our windows and doors, resulting in daybreak's viewing of new banks of snow.

The wind factor has made it frosty cold out there, and oh baby, it's sure cold outside!

Tonight word came all have been rescued from their vehicles, removed completely and not just dropped food/water from overhead helicopters. Yay! (I've driven through a horrid snow squall myself, so very frightening, so we can only imagine being stranded and having no visual knowledge of the space surrounding our vehicle.)

We're so pleased with rescue efforts and breathing sigh of relief tonight for our young friend.

Once more the decks, stairwells and driveway are semi cleared, and more than six more inches of snow and accompanying new snow squalls are supposed to revisit over and over again until Sunday!

I would complain if I didn't like this weather, though I can't because I just think it's so darned beautiful!

Please forgive my enthusiasm ... but, I just love it all especially when we had THIS below last Thursday to accompany the -25C temperatures!

Sunny but freezing cold!

more to come...