Saturday, December 04, 2010

I was such a sucker today! :)

My daughter had a request from me as I sat filling out a brand new calendar for next year.

She said; "Mommy, I thought you might like some fresh coffee, so I made you some."
  • Me; "Oh you are so sweet, that's great, thanks so much!"

She said; "You're welcome." (with giggles attached)

  • Me; giggling at her giggling

She said; "Mommy, would you like one of my fresh homemade peanut butter cookies with your coffee?"

  • Me; (feeling utterly tempted for that would go together well, don't you think?) "Sure, thanks; I replied."

She said; "Could I have one too then?"
  • Me; "Okay, I get it. If you give the mom a cookie, you can have one too, right?"

She said; "Right. And, well, I did make them and they are good."

  • Me; (feeling utterly bribed by this point because her brother was all ears waiting for my answer)I smiled and shook my head to respond affirmatively.

She said; "Great! I'll go get some and put them on a plate." (they were in the freezer)

  • Me; (seeing how many were on the lovely snowman plate I said) "Okay, now that's a little much, don't you think?"

She said; "No, I think there's three for each of us here."

  • Me; "What happened to having only one each? "

She said; nothing at all, just smiled, gave me THAT LOOK (you mothers out there KNOW that heart melting sappy kind of look don't you?) and poured herself a big glass of milk to go along with the one she already downed.

Her brother copied her.

We all ate our cookies, all of them.

And I swear I gained fifty pounds right there and then!

Just like that - I was swept away and bribed by my child today.

I just know I was.

The End.