Tuesday, December 21, 2010

riveting Advent reading...

It's been such a riveting and exciting read.

Talk about adventure, intrigue, mysteries, good and evil characters, plots, geographical settings and history coming ALIVE!

But, it's fiction.

But, who cares! It's SO GOOD!

We've looked forward to our daily reads all through Advent, sometimes having to miss a day here and there because we read too far, for too long and into the next few days worth of scheduled reading.

Again, we hold off for we have but one chapter left to read.

There are two companion books. Guess what I'm after now?

With the thrill of the read came the teary eye munching of wasabi peas. They just seemed to go together, hot and edge of our seat adventure.

Maybe I can sneak in the final bit secretly. What do you say?

Dare I be so bold and leave my children behind in the suspense of it all, just when Jotham and Ishtar meet up with the gentle and kind Simeon after a fleeing in fright from Dechi in the dark burial tunnels beneath the desert grounds, the ones that twisted and turned until finally ending up in Jerusalem?

Oh darn... I guess I won't leave them behind. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. sigh....

It's going to be a long wait though...