Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saving the day ~ gingerbread house building

We purchased a gingerbread house kit this year after spying it in a bulk food store, a single kit both younger children were going to spend time building together.

All basic items were ready to build, and the construction was fully in progress.

Things were looking mighty colorful, the home decked with snowy white borders and colorful candy exteriors.


Until.... it all came crashing down, onto the platter underneath of it, landing and mounting up into one big heap.

(they were able to save the roofing...)

They thought they left the step by step construction much time in between building sessions so the royal icing could harden.

In fact, they were determined to have it built well, and solid before decorating. And all seemed quite fine, for a while...

(royal icing works just like glue you know...)

Along comes big sister who had just coincidentally supervised a few children at her work also making gingerbread houses during her shift in the bakery.

With expertly guided hands, all was put back together again, all except for one wall that was rather, pushed inward.

Wall is pushed inward by almost an inch,
no one dared touch it though..

With the house holding on, no one wished to attempt to even move the wall outward again. So there it remained!

Happy children, colorful sugar and spice was now displayed for all to marvel over. That is, if there is such a thing as older adult children figuring out how to keep their hands off the candy mounted to the walls and roof of the end result.

AND, prey tell ~ why were two gingerbread men missing the morning after?