Friday, December 03, 2010

a mother's freedom train = son with new wheels

How does a mother spell freedom?

And not the kind about our constitutional rights? I spell the freedom I'm speaking of as;


After spending an entire day almost an hour away from home watching my son purchase his very first vehicle, finally he obtained his first set of keys in his hands and beamed from head to tow when realizing he was going to drive his own truck home.

It wasn't just purchasing the vehicle that took any time at all, it was having it safety tested, emissions tested, the oil spraying for winter to protect from salt damage and rust applied (free of charge from the manager), and their employee hustling about to get the license plate and yearly sticker for him from the motor vehicle department.

As we waited, it was the eve of this same son's name (feast) day on November 3oth, a day he was scheduled to work, so we decided upon and fully enjoyed a long leisurely lunch he and I, and the younger two in tow doing their forced "car schooling".

As we took our sweet time and shared in our noon time meal, I thought to snap a few photos and watched as the boys really began to ham it up.

Older son pulls out the borrowed sunglasses from his sister (she didn't know he borrowed them) because he couldn't find his own at the last minute before leaving home early in the morning, and then he began posing for me by acting as that cool kind of guy in the photo below.

All through November he and a few buddies took the challenge for men's prostrate month by allowing their facial hair to sprout and become all furry like.

Showing it to all here, I had such a hard time hiding the snickering I was doing myself and almost had to bite my lip when wanting to begin roaring with laughter, as THIS below was his hairiest offering for an entire month!

He shaved December 1st because he couldn't stand it!

By the end of the day, all was complete and this little baby was ready to roll.

"Okay mom, I'm going to allow you to take some pictures to put up on the blog now"; he said.

A mother has to giggle at such occasions, like it was something grand on his part to offer such a thing, but as is tradition in our family, the first car always warrants a "photo date" with mom's camera!

Congratulations sonny, how wonderful for you!