Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa parade ~ country style

Oops! I just accidentally published this when I hadn't written anything in the post!

It was our very first experience last weekend attending a Santa parade half a mile or so from our home.

Due to the snowy weather, apparently 60% of participants had canceled last minute, those not wanting to chance the weather no doubt.

As you can tell from the photos, the snow was falling quite nicely. :)

I never giggled and laughed so hard as this little parade, such great sports one and all!

Hats off to the ten minutes long (at best!) parade entries, they were surely appreciated by the mile long audience who came out to support them.

My children who were attending with me were a little bit annoyed with me at first. They told me outright I was embarrassing them when made a motion by leaning towards and reaching my arm way out for the express purpose to wave like a madman, with big grinning smiles to the black police car leading the parade.

The poor officer really didn't look all that excited to be there, so I continued waving and smiling (and giggling) until he figured how to smile and wave back to the tiny crowd.

Besides, when one is leading the parade, he sets the stage for all and he really needed a lift so he really needed to get into the happy spirit much more by at least smiling...

Life in the country has its perks you know, oh yes it does. How wonderful to see local country folk and their children, and not a pile of strangers in a big city.