Friday, December 17, 2010

Seasonal changes through my window

Only two months ago,

this was the scene when looking out from this window.

Last week, it appeared vastly different when we peered from the window to see this ...

This week, the view has remained only we have no driveway at all on this side of the house from increasing daily AND nightly continued snow falls.

It's hard to believe we've slipped so dramatically from one season into another.

For sure winter came early this year, and as I type this post, after shoveling from the six inches fallen upon us again last night, the snow plow just zoomed down the road, naturally blocking the end of our driveway up, and it's snowing and beginning to squall outside again!

The strangest part?

Just over 45 minutes south of us, the evidence is remarkably different. Except for a light dusting, they are untouched with snow. Guess we really are living in a snow belt of sorts.

But it's so pretty....grin, grin.

What are the seasonal changes in view from your window today?

Here are the archives from the same window above if you'd like to view the seasonal changes represented through my window over the past year.

Here is the LINK to click onto them.