Thursday, February 03, 2011

1-4 / 52 weeks (my catch-up post)

** As mentioned yesterday, my sweet friend Barbara has been hosting a 52 week photography link-up which I've been yearning to join and haven't done so to this date. 

Her invitation reads;

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

And here I am, joining with my mega post to make up for being 4 weeks late at this special party. (Love you Barbara!) 

Random bits from our home to you...

A gentle and lovely reread, love this book!

Taking a break from all the snow shoveling recently.

 Let's just keep it real here.
Reminders may abound everywhere in our home!

Thank you USPS for the care you took in the delivery of my birthday present.
If it weren't for all the "Almond Joy and this lovely housecoat" in here,
I might have cried more when finding the smashed up glass in the box!

I managed to somehow open the box and find the glass
lid intact, so pretty, but obviously not meant to be for me.

 It's just like I've said this past week to several other people;

"Move over Sarah's Alaska ~ welcome to Renee's Ontario"

a place where we share common ground and sunshine enough to beat any
summer sky, only ours right about now is in the middle of winter.

She's a little skier

He's a snowboarder...
(the one in the center below)

Three more times to go..

And, their team made it to the playoffs!

Go team Go!

And one more tournament to go.

Too cold in the arena for him, this was the
best alternative anyone could ask for this day.

You know it's cold when...

the indoor garage windows still look like this by noon!

They've had great horse riding experiences since our move here,
but there comes a time to move on, and with that,
because both our girls want to become better riders
in order to hit the show hunter/jumper circuit this summer,
they have switched over to a new barn now.

This new riding barn is located down the road from us, 
only a bike ride away once the weather improves.

On their way now after two lessons with training from a new coach.

First though, this was "assessment day" for them.

Our "Sh'nook" thinks she's a bird.
She's loving the colder snowy weather and pretends to look
like she's part of the dog mushing team.


O Canada, we are still studying you! 

Yoohooooo - "Sarah's Alaska"! 

We live in the red color below with the black bear in the middle of it,
you know, just below Hudson's Bay.

Hospitality abounds here, come for a visit and let's go camping. :)

My place this day. 

Marking, making appointments, working on lessons,
and checking my iphone for texts from my daughter in (false) labor.

It's a "mad minute math" review!
Now say that five times folks...

In the thick of history reading so he can check this
off for the day on his schooling schedule, but then he will
further understand his "Stronghold Crusader" computer game next time
he has time to play on there.

Whatcha mean?

If we turn a map of Washington DC upside down, it looks like a teacup?

I did tell you she works in a bakery right?
There are certain perks that come with the job.
It's during those times when she's very popular around here.

Renee's Ontario again!

And the country neighborhood outdoor ice arena is open for play!
It's only -14C this day.

Sweet and precious gifts found a home in
my craft room for me to see at a glance.

I know, those redo photos are loaded,
I just have to type something to go with them.

While our husky dog is dancing and prancing about in the fresh snow, this little lady is having nothing to do with it, that is after she got her face all snowy. She would rather watch, and cry to be somewhere warmer.
I'm happy to report both dogs still have their daily treadmill walk, and are almost up to 25 minutes each. They both know exactly what's going on when they hear the beeps to walk faster, and both jump on and get going without any hassles. This pup still has to wear her booties to rid her of the fear her toe nail sounds make.

No birdies living in this house these days,
but we hear them and see them flitting about out there in the forest.

See you next time for 5/52 week...