Saturday, February 12, 2011

LOVE is in the air...

Today, we are celebrating LOVE ...

... the love for our daughter, and her circle of horse loving friends who are gathering for the second "pony pal club" meeting / slash / and birthday party for our daughter. 

Our baby turned "12" (gasp!) on Thursday this week. She feels so grown up now, and her organizational skills have been amazingly active this past few days preparing for such a big day ahead. 

I'm so impressed with her, and all her attention to details!

With the exception of one gal over for her birthday last year, she has not had a birthday party in five years, something a large family doesn't really require with a full house already, but this year is really special for her because she has a few really lovely friends, all horse crazy gals like her, who all decided last month it would be a great idea to blend the next club meeting with a birthday party in honor of our daughter. How heart warming is that? Special I tell you, just special...

They are such a sweet bunch of lovely young ladies, and it's wonderful to see the friendships blooming.

Today LOVE is in the air, evidence aplenty with all the red, pink and white hearts festooned about the house to represent the "Pony Pal Club meeting theme", but the dining room and kitchen are blue, to represent her birthday and chosen personal colors for all her own horse accessories at the barn (all the riders have their own individual and varied colors at the barn). :) 

The "Pony Pal" gals who will be present today, will be making a few crafty things to bring home, and many more surprises await them.  

It will be such a fun day!

It's really cold outside today, wind chill factor ridiculous on the thermometer, maybe think of me as I am supposed to venture out during part of the party to take them all ice skating at our outdoor rink. Brrrr....

Who knows? 

Maybe we won't end up going if the wind doesn't ease up, and then again, we know most children think COLD is fine when they're moving around on ice. 

We'll have to wait and see! 

In the meantime, we're having a party just as soon as all the gals return home to change and prepare for their meeting, all having horse riding lessons beforehand.

Can't you just feel the LOVE represented here? 

Smiling at you because I saw you grin, even if just a little wee bit....