Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The first meeting of the "Pony Pals Club"

(Today, I was thinking about the fact I'd not yet shared this detail, and I'd better hurry up and do so considering I'm about to publish the second meeting very shortly.)

And the very first ever meeting of "The Pony Pals Club" was in session last month (already?).

Three girls joined our daughter, all eager to form this sweet club for discussing all things horse, horse riding, and more during the club's all girl once-a-month fun to come! 

One could feel the excitement in the air, mostly for this NEW and unknown club idea our daughter had dreamed and brought forth this meeting day. She worked hard to prepare; gathering, organizing, and baking beforehand over the week prior to the club meeting.

Four young girls brought their business part of the meeting to order. 

As the meeting rolled on, I haven't a real clue what they all formally discussed, but I do know anything about "horses, or horse riding" is very serious to these gals. 

Occasionally I did hear squeals of delight and a bit of excited laughter. So many ideas were being voiced at one time, great ideas at that, all necessitating someone to act as secretary for jotting them all down on paper.

And then the crafting began...

Small unfinished treasure boxes were to be decorated, using plenty of crafty supplies before them, including many paint color selections and brushes, and all went to work displaying their personal artistry.

These treasure boxes will serve to hold the small goodies the girls will pool together for gifting one another over the course of the months to come; horse stickers, small horse plastic replicas, horse hair things, and so forth.

What's a meeting without a snack? 

During the week our daughter baked a batch of sugar cookies, and wouldn't you know it, the horse cookie cutters were very popular this day! 

A simple dinner enhanced their time together because all had not been able to gather until later in the day with their prior committments to their own horse riding schedules, plus one gal wasn't able to join the fun because she had to be somewhere else. 

And just to keep the topic flowing well, a round of the board game; "Horseopoly", along with a few short films about horses ended the evening. We found these videos at the library which were quite rare and almost unheard of to all of the girls (BONUS!), making it a surprise and very fun ending to the first "Pony Pals Club" meeting.

The remains of the day included fine artistry, with a small plastic horse gifted to the girls for their treasure box's first goodie.

Didn't they all do a great job?