Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Proud Nana to another Grandbaby!

After several labor filled days, and one small stay at the hospital before sent home after all fizzled out, our oldest daughter was becoming quite anxious to have her overdue baby in her arms. 

May I introduce you to our 7th Granddaughter, born yesterday - February 1st. 

Our precious little grandbaby has been named "Paige Dakota"

She made her entry into the world at 1:36 pacific time, after her parents had arrived for her birthing induction early in the morning, hoping she would be born before too long.

A tiny little princess, she weighed in at 6lb 15oz and presented a long stretch of 19.5 inches. 

A hidden little tuff of blonde hair hides underneath of her sweet little hats, and my oh my both my hubby and I agree, this little blessing bundle looks very much like her mama did the day she was born. 

Perfect little cupid lips, nice round cheeks, she is what our daughter describes as; "Just perfect. Just perfect in every way." 

This afternoon she made her way home, where her two older sisters (ages 11 and 7) are awaiting her arrival so they can take her into their arms and begin to shower her with loads of love. 

Everyone is doing great! Mommy and Daddy are baby mooning, and, sweet *BABY LOVE* aplenty will be on the family's evening's agenda tonight. 

Thanksgiving runs high today, we can only imagine her fresh from heaven scent from afar and plant many loving kisses from our hearts and minds on her cherub rosy cheeks.

I can guarantee there will be more photos to come....smiling.