Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Think Tropical in Winter


"What we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind."

~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Winter is most definitely a "state of mind". 

When the snow falls, get out and absorb your Vitamin D in the faux tropical sun.

Last Friday, we experienced the windiest blizzard EVER!. 

Perhaps the wind increased at its peak to mimic a similar status as a hurricane? 

No one here slept a wink, not even our daughter who was attempting to recover from that day's wisdom tooth extraction surgery. 

Yes, as the attic hatches banged up and down, and we could hear trees snap and fall, by 4am. we wondered and thought maybe it was a miracle the back doors never blew in. It was that strong!  And lightning brightened up the skies.

The next morning one knew how ferocious it was simply by hearing the news on the radio. The OPP (Ontario Police) were asking people to stay off the roads, dangerous for downed trees, power lines and traffic lights damaged, building signage strewn about, road and highway closures, accidents everywhere! 


Today, we can see a bare patch on our roof. As the snow has melted a bit yet again up there, indeed we can see a clear spot, actually the spot is exposed plywood from shingles being thrust from our roof during the blizzard. 

Last year our builder had difficulty finding more shingles to perform leak repair on the roof, and now we know how rare they are to acquire, but hopeful we can attain a few to perform the roofing repairs....that is, if we can get someone out this time of year to do it!

Off in a bit, with very tall boots on to hunt for the roofing tiles amongst the snow on the property.... :(  

But.... it's super sunny on this -18C morning, vitamin D waiting outdoors to benefit everyone.