Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two days before the party...

...was her actual birthday, quietly celebrated with her family present for the special occasion.

One request, only one, was that her daddy made his homemade hamburgers for dinner, complete with plenty of garlic, cilantro and Italian sausage in the burger mixture. 

Daddy was happy and quick to oblige, and together, the two of them took over the kitchen, working in sync on the family dinner, creating a lovely, fresh, and yet simple food fare for all.

A few gifts were presented after dinner, and the big surprise was the new camera, a good thing to keep her snapping away on her own rather than wear out mom's camera battery just when I grab it to take more photos myself. :) 

We all got our first reality check on having someone else with a camera this day, as we all waited, and waited, and waited for her to snap just the right photo of her own birthday cake before blowing out the candles.

So very cute.

  • Older siblings sent birthday greetings via email, text to mom's cell, singing telephone calls, and happy hellos. 
  • Older brother at home surprised her the next day by taking her for a spin in his truck, and treating her to Dairy Queen while out on a date with him. 
  • Older sister surprised her with a new hoodie. 
  • Her other older brother performed a few of her chores for the day, birthday favors, leaving her free to enjoy her day. 
  • Grandparents sent gifts and cards her way, showing they too were thinking of this lovely gal on her birthday. 

The traditional birthday breakfast with mom and dad was on Saturday morning. Naturally, she chose "Cora's Restaurant" and knew just what she was going to order. The birthday child is allowed to order whatever they want, so getting something from the adult menu suited her just fine. Was she ever full too! 


Sunshine crepe panini and fresh cut fruit.